Hjalzer tankoped

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Screw tightening ball joint articulation,  turret rotates, gun moves up and down, sideskirts move as well. Prints, sand, paint.  Tested with 0.2mm and 0.1mm layer height and at least 20% infill. 

You also need 6x  M2.5x8 and 1xM2.5x12 socket head bolts and nuts and some wire 1mm in diameter (e.g.: paperclips).  

Video: YouTube instructions:

Hjalzer LEG_lower_left_bolt_armor.STL   -print1x and print1x mirrored,  supports integrated in model 

Hjalzer LEG_lower_left__nut_armor.STL -print1x and print1x mirrored, supports integrated in model 

Hjalzer HULL_armor_front.STL                    -print1x,  supports needed 

Hjalzer HULL_armor_back.STL                     -print1x,  supports needed       

Hjalzer HIP_armor.STL                                      -print1x and print1x mirrored, no supports 

Hjalzer TURRET_armor.STL                             -print1x,  supports needed 

Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_nut_armor.STL  -print1x and print1x mirrored,  supports integrated in model 

Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_bolt_armor.STL -print1x and print1x mirrored, supports integrated in model 

Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_nut.STL                 -print1x and print1x mirrored,  no supports 

Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_bolt.STL               -print1x and print1x mirrored,  no supports  

Hjalzer LEG_lower_left_nut.STL                 -print1x and print1x mirrored,  no supports  

Hjalzer LEG_lower_left_bolt.STL                -print1x and print1x mirrored,  no supports  

Hjalzer HULL.STL                                                -print1x,  no supports  

Hjalzer HIP_ball.STL                                          -print2x,  no supports  

Hjalzer GUN_barrel.STL                                  -print1x,  supports integrated in model 

Hjalzer GUN_ball.STL                                       -print1x,   supports needed 

Hjalzer FOOT.STL                                               -print2x,  no supports  

Hjalzer TURRET_clevis_nut.STL                 -print1x,  no supports  

Hjalzer TURRET_clevis_bolt.STL               -print1x,  no supports  

Hjalzer TURRET_ball.STL                               -print1x,  no supports  

Hjalzer TURRET.STL                                         -print1x,  no supports  

Hjalzer RANGEFINDER_left.STL              -print1x and print1x mirrored,  no supports 

Design Files

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Hjalzer TURRET_ball.STL
180 KB
Hjalzer TURRET_clevis_bolt.STL
105 KB
Hjalzer TURRET_clevis_nut.STL
98.3 KB
Hjalzer FOOT.STL
123 KB
Hjalzer GUN_ball.STL
125 KB
Hjalzer GUN_barrel.STL
384 KB
Hjalzer HIP_ball.STL
167 KB
Hjalzer HULL.STL
75.9 KB
Hjalzer LEG_lower_left_bolt.STL
126 KB
Hjalzer LEG_lower_left_nut.STL
143 KB
Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_bolt.STL
95.3 KB
Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_nut.STL
179 KB
Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_bolt_armor.STL
124 KB
Hjalzer LEG_upper_left_nut_armor.STL
74.9 KB
Hjalzer TURRET_armor.STL
1020 KB
Hjalzer HIP_armor.STL
17.5 KB
Hjalzer HULL_armor_back.STL
529 KB
Hjalzer HULL_armor_front.STL
520 KB
Hjalzer LEG_lower_left__nut_armor.STL
158 KB
Hjalzer LEG_lower_left_bolt_armor.STL
171 KB


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