Split Chassis Plates for OpenRC F1

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Everything in the OpenRC F1 project by Daniel Norée was printable on my Lulzbot Mini 3D printer aside from the Front and Rear chassis plates.

I had to make a modification to the chassis plates in order to get them to print. Because I was making this model as a display unit, I did not have to take into account the placement of electronics and so on. I also thought about gluing the plates back together but I decided on using the same hardware as needed to assemble the project.

The bed of my printer is 6"x6" and all of the split chassis plates fit.

Each hole was counter sunk on the underside like each of the other holes for the project assembly. I had no issues printing these split chassis plates and they snapped together as they should once I was done! They also appear to be very strong still. You could glue and bolt the half's together if you'd like. I just used the bolts.

Hardware Needed:

4x M3x8mm Machine Screws

4x M3 Hex Nuts


  • You will need to print 1 of each part. There are 2 parts per chassis plate (front/rear). You will have 4 parts in total.
  • Assemble with M3x8mm screws and M3 nuts. The same used all over the project for assembly.
  • Snap the front chassis plate into the rear chassis plate using the 45/45 joint
  • ENJOY!!

* These chassis plates are a modification of the ones supplied with the OpenRC Formula 1 project. The project can be found here.

* As of December 21, 2015, these plates have not been tested with the electronics needed to make this a Radio Controlled car and they have only been used for a Formula 1 display model.

Design Files

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Chassis Front - Part 2.stl
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Chassis Rear - Part 1.stl
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Chassis Rear - Part 2.stl
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Chassis Front - Part 1.stl
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