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I printed off a beautiful Pinshape logo..............but what was I going to do with it? Instead of leaving it to slide around the work bench or end up on the floor I decided to build a small, glue on bracket for the back of the logo so I can mount it on the wall! It fits and looks about perfect behind my printers! 

I've kept the design simple and support-less for printing. It will fit any screw with a head 10mm or smaller and a shank no larger that 5mm. (*Check out the design drawings for part dimensions*)

After printing, use your favorite glue or epoxy and run 2 beads down each of the mount wings. Place it on the back of your Pinshape logo and allow it to dry before hanging it up on the wall. For mine, Gorilla Super Glue was used.


Print Instructions:

 Place the wall mount with the Screw hole and shank slot on your build platform and the mount wings up in the air. These wings are at a shallow enough angle that no supports are necessary. Keep in mind as your print moves from the base of the object into the wings that it will pickup speed. You may want to adjust for this if possible for better quality.

  • Gorilla Super Glue used for my mount
  • If you've scaled your Pinshape Logo you will need to scale this wall mount as well. This will change which screw size will fit. My Pinshape Logo was printed at its native size and so this mount is best used for that logo.


Check out the Pinshape 3D Printed Logo to print your own and incorporate it with this mount.

I have not created the logo in this designs photos, just the mount used to place this logo on the wall. Please use the link above to download and print off your own logo from the file shared by Pinshape.

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