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This one contains the main body + pins  , 3 heads , 5 left Hand  and 5 right

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Tank -->

Design Files

File Size Support Squad_Right upper arm.OBJ
2.27 MB Support Squad_Right hip.OBJ
3.87 MB Support Squad_Right hand 1.OBJ
1.11 MB Support Squad_Right belt attachment.OBJ
1 MB Support Squad_Neck negative Pin.OBJ
384 KB Support Squad_Left upper arm_1.OBJ
2.24 MB Support Squad_Left knee pin.OBJ
76.6 KB Support Squad_Left hand 4.OBJ
1.05 MB Support Squad_Left forearm_1.OBJ
4.95 MB Support Squad_Left Arm positive Pin_1.OBJ
369 KB Support Squad_Head 2.OBJ
3.36 MB Support Squad_Right upper leg.OBJ
14.2 MB Support Squad_Right hand 2.OBJ
1.28 MB Support Squad_Right arm negative Pin.OBJ
393 KB Support Squad_Left wrist negative Pin_1.OBJ
384 KB Support Squad_Left knee pin_1.OBJ
75.6 KB Support Squad_Left hand 3.OBJ
1.29 MB Support Squad_Left elbow Pin_1.OBJ
77.4 KB Support Squad_Head 1.OBJ
4.68 MB Support Squad_Head 3.OBJ
5.55 MB Support Squad_Left arm negative Pin_1.OBJ
388 KB Support Squad_Left belt attachment.OBJ
941 KB Support Squad_Left feet.OBJ
8 MB Support Squad_Left hand 1.OBJ
1.09 MB Support Squad_Left hand 2.OBJ
1.27 MB Support Squad_Left hand 5.OBJ
1.16 MB Support Squad_Left hip_1.OBJ
3.82 MB Support Squad_Left lower leg_1.OBJ
7.33 MB Support Squad_Left shoulder_1.OBJ
5.47 MB Support Squad_Left upper leg_1.OBJ
14.1 MB Support Squad_Legs Pin.OBJ
8.94 KB Support Squad_Neck positive Pin.OBJ
479 KB Support Squad_RIght hand 5.OBJ
1.17 MB Support Squad_Right Arm positive Pin.OBJ
373 KB Support Squad_Right elbow Pin.OBJ
78.3 KB Support Squad_Right feet.OBJ
8.09 MB Support Squad_Right forearm.OBJ
5 MB Support Squad_Right hand 3.OBJ
1.3 MB Support Squad_Right hand 4.OBJ
1.07 MB Support Squad_Right lower leg.OBJ
7.41 MB Support Squad_Right shoulder.OBJ
5.53 MB Support Squad_Right wrist negative Pin.OBJ
388 KB


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