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MakerTron Design Contest now complete but new MakerTron designs are always needed:

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Hello human, thank you for taking on the challenge of helping to rebuild the MakerTron population. Before you begin, there are a few things you should know about how the MakerTrons operate. Additionally, one kind human has created a video tutorial that explains how to properly design your MakerTron parts.

MakerTron C.O.R.E

The MakerTron C.O.R.E. (Centrally Operating Robotic Engine) is the key component of life for all MakerTron. While it may just look like a torso to you humans, it houses all the key components required to survive. Each MakerTron C.O.R.E acts as the heart, soul and brain and personality of a citizen, while processing data from, and controlling all of their other body parts. As long as a MakerTron is able to keep its C.O.R.E intact, it can survive and thrive with any combination of other body parts.

By attaching other body parts to the C.O.R.E, MakerTron citizens can become experts at certain tasks that are needed in daily life and to advance society as a whole. Each part has a specific role to play in the ability of the MakerTron citizen. You can see an example of a functional MakerTron by downloading the blueprints for my design


The head adds the ability to see, speak, and listen, while also providing additional computing power to make the MakerTron smarter than if they didn’t have a head. With specific augmentations like excellent vision, translation skills, acute hearing and large amounts of computing power, certain MakerTron become experts in areas such as security, diplomacy and research.


Arms provide a way for the MakerTron to physically interact with and manipulate their environment. Balancing strength with dexterity and the ability to attach specific tools to their arms, a wide variety of jobs can be filled in depending on the the design of the arms. Large powerful arms may make for excellent builders and transporters, while narrow, nimble arms and fingers are helpful for engineers and artists. Additionally, directly attaching weapons, armour, or tools can help depending on their jobs.


A MakerTron is heavily dependent on it’s legs for mobility and transportation. Legs may be tall and lean for rescue missions, or short and sturdy for those carrying heavy loads, or they may be equipped with rockets to fly, wheels to cover long distances or other upgrades to swim, or fit into specific places.

Since all MakerTron parts are interchangeable and upgradeable, it’s easy to see how many possible combinations there are - infinite. Design your own upgrade today and help build a better tomorrow for all MakerTron kind.

Thank you for your help in rebuilding the MakerTron population, I am forever in your debt.

  • Your Friend, Remix

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