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I needed a piggy bank for my loose coins but I'm not crazy about pigs in the bedroom. Traditional style - shake 'em out or break it. With these, you can probably break it cleanly on a seam with a razor and superglue it back together a few times. This is a ~5" sphere (200mm) and holds a lot. If you want something smaller, I suggest scaling it by 0.8 for 4" or 0.6 for 3". Christmas tip - print smaller ones for your children, fill them up with loose change throughout the year, and then give them the spheres under the tree. This is printable, but it may be a challenge and the top won't be as clean (see photo). For appearance, the pyramid (thing:105742) may be a better choice. Update note - I'd recommend printing this at 0.8 size, not full size, (about 4") to go with the pyramid. Should make it slightly easier to print.

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