Tablet Teleprompter/Reading Stand


SummaryI needed a stand that would support my iPad at 65 degrees for use as a teleprompter or alternatively, just reading. Works very well at that angle for either and can be glued together for home use or pressed together and taken apart for travel.Print SettingsPrinter: RigidbotRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesResolution: 0.3mmInfill: 25-30%Notes: Print in ABS or PLA with 25-30% infill. Recommend printing only the All file. The arm must be rotated to lay flat if printed separately. The arm, or the entire assembly if you print everything, must have support turned on. Push fit the arm into the two iPad frames. For permanent use, glue them together.Post-PrintingRemove support material from the ends of the arm.

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