New Pyramid Piggybank 2015

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New pyramid piggybank, remade for 2015 with a plug in the bottom. Great birthday or holiday gift - be sure to include money! Pick dollars, euros, or pounds, or without a currency symbol.

Like the original, this uses pyramid power to multiply your money but the 2015 version multiplies faster (unproven claim). Choose your currency from the STL files.  Print at 25% infill or better.

Note - this version (with the plug) is not for commercial use.

Design Files

File Size

pyramid coin bank 2015.2.stl
251 KB
pyramid coin bank 2015.2 plug.stl
57.1 KB
pyramid coin bank 2015.2 EU.stl
319 KB
pyramid coin bank 2015.2 GBP.stl
306 KB
pyramid coin bank 2015.2 USD.stl
354 KB


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