Solidoodle 3 Heated Chamber Parts

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I added 3 plexiglas sides to keep the heat in my Solidoodle 3 to assist with ABS printing. Very simple - 2 hooks, a knob, and a neodymium magnet superglued to the top. I ended up using the knob only on the front piece. Cut three 13" x 13" square sheets of plastic - I recommend 1/4" thick if you're going out to get it, but it can be 1/8" or 3/16" or 3/8" if you have the scrap. Mount the two clips on the bottom at the corners (shown in photo), and glue a magnet to each near the top. A 1/8" thick magnet and the clips will leave about 1/8" gap all around, plenty for the various screws and rivets on the Solidoodle. If you're using a Solidoodle 2, you'll need to reduce the size to fit, but the clips should work as-is. To remove, simply lift up the plexiglas - the magnet slides easier than it pulls off - and then pick off the sheet.

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