120 Takeup Spool for 35mm Film

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Do you have a 120 film camera? Want to shoot images with the sprocket holes exposed? Want to shoot specialty films that are not available in 120 format? If so, or you just like to play with film, these adapters are for you. These were designed for the Flyer 6x6 camera developed as a result of the Pinhole Printed Kickstarter project (pinholeprinted.com) but can be used in any 120 medium format camera.

Proven design in use by photographers, this takeup spool winds up 35mm film onto a 120 format spool. There are two internal hooks that catch the tail of the film for winding. This spool is perfectly matched to the 35mm film adapter, which is at pinshape.com/items/3160-3d-printed-35mm-film-to-120-spool-adapter.  

I prefer the Shapeways version for accuracy and durability, but if you download and print your own on a filament printer, you will need to use 50%+ infill, generate supports in your slicing program, and trim up afterward.

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