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Machiko is the twin of Shizuko. Same face but a very different attitude..  Machiko is a river full of whirlpools and rapids. As restless as shizuko is calm.  She's the ' Bad girl' of the school...

When she's on your way, you can read ' You shall not pass..' on her lips thru her smile  :p

--  this is an improved version (v2) of my manga schoolgirl model

original scale size (mm):

Length= 136.46 Witdh= 137.81 height=  112.90

model print tested with this parameters:

0.4mm nozzle, ABS 1.75mm, 0.2mm to 0.15 mm layer (recommanded), 2 perimeters, 10% infill. You can see a timelapse of the print HERE

special note: truly Optimized for FDM printers - No support Needed.  You can reduce the scale to x0.85 MAXIMUM.  Iif you go under this size, you will need to boost the resolution (layer height) because of the katana handle.

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