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Lady jisabelle, is an aristocrat from London. Like all strong women from the high society, she love hunting. She likes the big game. Tiger, lion, Panther... nothing is enough dangerous for her. But one time... the hunter became the prey.. too much audacious, too much confident in her capacity.. She made an error and fell in a trap of an old vicious lion that she followed. the big animal tore her arm as a revenge trophy. she was barely saved... The best friend of her father was a mechanical expert. With help of a bunch of well paid doctors, He replaced her right arm with a mechanical prosthesis that use high pressure steam.

now, she use a .577 Nitro Express rifle with assisted low recoil mechanism that can blow away any animals or humans with one bullet.. Now she seek her revenge and you'd better to not cross her way...


she comes with a nice base that can be printed independently

original scale size (mm):

Length= 64 Witdh= 81.14 height= 124.33

model print tested with this parameters:

0.4mm nozzle, ABS 1.75mm 0.2mm layer, 2 perimeters, 10% infill

WARNING : don't push the speed too much if you don't want to break the arms before it reaches the torso during the print.

special note: truly Optimized for FDM printers - No support Needed but you need to remove the internal stabilizer support (see pictures).

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