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Love Me is a study about drapery, femininity and posture. i wished to create a Figurine that was a bit sexy (my god ! we can see the nude shoulders and the knees !) but 'safe-for-work' (if you want to let her stay on your desktop). The posture was carefully made for a result that can be printed easily without any supports, any glue and in one piece on any FDM printers . The robe was modeled from a night Silk dress, so it's like a body glove with some plys (ok..lots of plys in this case ;) ). I tried to add a bit of mood in her gaze with the hair that hide half of her face. the beauty in her simpliest state... I hope you will enjoy this figurine as it's an easy print on any decent FDM printer .(the pictures are from a standard solidoodle4 with 0.4mm nozzle, nothing special ) As usual with my models, it's free , and you can do what you want with the model , no restrictions ( apart the attribution of the source)

recommanded parameters : 0.2mm layer , 10% infill, 2 perimeters, truly Optimized for FDM printers - No support Needed

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