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Updated 12/17/2015

Many of the Doctor's most feared opponents have teleported into the TARDIS to steal the last copy of the Black Scroll of Rassilon from the TARDIS library. With no one else who can help the Doctor's past regenerations have been gathered to protect the scroll. Whoever finds the Black Scroll and escapes first wins! TARDIS run is a game of luck and risk management inspired by Backgammon, Parchisi, and the Ancient Egyptian game Senet.


The board for this game is designed to fold into a neat carrying case that holds everything necessary to play inside. The board prints in one piece and pops off the build platform ready to fold and play, but a large build area is necessary. If a smaller build area is desired use the print-in-parts version of the game.

Rules are included in image and PDF form. Print the image at 300DPI or use the PDF, cut the rules out and fold in 4ths to fit in the board, assuming the scale was unchanged.

I find it is best to print the board with the charm so the light on top prints well. Plus you get a little charm when you're done. You can also choose to use any of the doctor or monster pawns you want from here:




* Print the board and included charm in blue at the same time so the tip looks good.

* Print the doctor pawns in one color. (Green)

* Print the monster pawns in another color. (Red)

* Print the white paddles in white.

* Print the black paddle in black.

TARDIS Run is also available for purchase from me on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/182319698/tardis-run...

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