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My son is a huge fan of the Thrones and Bones book series by Lou Anders. At the end of each book there is a board game, and at the end of the first book the game is a Tafl variant called Thrones and Bones. He was determined to model his own set.

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The artwork on the pieces was originally by Justin Gerard, used and shared with you with permission.

Thrones and Bones Rules: Setup: Begin by placing the Jarl in the middle square, with 2 shield maidens in each of the four coordinal directions. Then place the draug in the borrow mounds, marked with skulls, with the black Draug occupying any of the mound squares (a crowned skull indicates the suggested placement).

Object: Thrones and Bones is an asymmetrical game, with each side having a different objective. The Jarl side can win by capturing the Black Draug or by having the Jarl escape off the board. The Draug can win by capturing the Jarl. Capturing the Jarl or the Black Draug constitutes the end of the game and a grand win for the opposing side. (In the competitions in the book, a win like this means the winner takes home their opponent's presumably expensive, often times hand-made game pieces.)

Movement: All pieces move like rooks in chess; orthogonally, as far in one direction as they are unobstructed.

Only the Jarl and the Black Draug can stop on the throne. All other pieces can pass through the throne square, but cannot stop on it.

The Jarl side cannot move into the borrow mound squares at any time.

The draug can move through and stop on the borrow mounds until a mound is abandoned, at which point it becomes impassable to all but the black Draug. In other words as long as one draug remain in any of the borrow mounds the draug can still move through them, but the moment all Draug leave any of the mounds, that mound is closed to all but the Black Draug.

Capture: If a piece is surrounded on opposite sides by an opponent's move, that piece is captured and removed from play. In other words the piece must be surrounded on the north and south or east and west. "Hostile" sqaures can also be used as part of the capture. In other words, tf one of the opposing sides is a square where they cannot move through according to the rules of movement, that piece is still captured. For example if a shield maiden is against the borrow mound, and a draug moves on the opposite side of them that constitutes a capture. The draug can only be captured in this manner if the mound has been abandoned and they can no longer move through it. In the same way the Throne also counts has hostle.

Pieces cannot capture themselves; a piece can move into a space with opponents on opposite sides without being captured.

When the Jarl is on the throne, they must be surrounded on all four sides to be captured. If they are next to the throne they must be surrounded on the 3 remaining sides. But when they move away from the throne they can be captured like any other piece.

For a more complete set of the rules be sure to check out Thrones and Bones by Lou Anders:

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How to printPrint 1 Black Draug and 14 Draug in one color, and 1 Jarl and 8 Sheild Maiden in another color.

The board has been optionally divided into 4 parts that print even on a mini printer and assemble for play. After printing the pieces can be finished with a nailpolish and acetone treatment, as described in this video:

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