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This Lamp began as a test Vase to be honest. I wanted to test a new printer and this “Vase” was one of the Test models I made. I liked it so much that I turned it into a Lamp.

To do this I made a simple “ base “. There are 2. The one I used is “base 6mm.stl”, but If you want to scale down, “base 21mm.stl” might be better (In the “base” is a small cavity where the connector of the LED strip is housed. If you scale down the base to much, this cavity might become to small for the connector).

The (in Translucent Blue PET-G) Printed Vase sits on this Base. Then in the Vase an Aluminum tube is bolted down using an M4x40 bolt, nut and printed parts “tube plug lamp.stl”. An LED strip (15meters) is wrapped around this tube, making the light source. To get a better the idea how this all comes together, please see the Photos in the Photo section.

The Aluminum tube I used is 490mm high and has an outer diameter of 34mm.

The Lamp Shade (or Vase) is 558.7mm high. Yes I had to scale it down because there was not enough Filament on any Roll at the time :-) At 100% scale it is 705.871mm high.

Note that the Lamp Shade (or Vase) is printed using the “Spiral Outer Contour” mode in Cura.

The Nozzle I used is 0.8mm. With smaller Nozzle sizes the print will warp at this size.

So for most people its not going to work. I Also printed this model at 240mm high and it worked out super nice. For this small one I used a 0.4mm Nozzle.

Then I Also experimented with a “diffuser”. This is simply a cylinder that fits around the aluminum (with the LED strip) Tube. The Idea is to spread the light form the LEDs a bit better. Hoping the individual LEDs can not be spot trough the Lamp Shade (or Vase) anymore. I printed it in Translucent PET-G and it did not work very good. The LEDs still can be identified as individual light spots in the Lamp Shade. Maybe just white PLA will do a better job. But I just experimented with spray painting mine white. It works out, but more paint means less Light. The distance of the diffuser to the LEDs also is very important. If this distance is to short the diffuser also doesn't work.

Anyhow, You can make it as difficult as You want I guess. The simples way is to just print “giant vase2.stl” en the “base”. Put them together with a lamp of choice inside :-)

Feel free to ask any questions or constructive comments :-)

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