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Big FDM Printer: de Kleine Reus

Translation of “de Kleine Reus” is little Giant :-)

The creation of this printer began with dismantling of Big DIY Printer 2. It was fun to experiment whit this very big printer, but it was time to change it again. I never printed outside the heat bed (300x300mm) although this printer could do much larger than that. Also it took a lot of space and it was not portable at all. So a new printer design came into my mind. This printer has everything Big DIY printer 2 had but even higher in the Z axis. The X and Y axis are made much shorter this time because I didn’t exceed the dimensions of the Heat Bed anyway. This new printer is portable and takes much less space than Big DIY 3D Printer2.

The aluminum profiles I used are 30mmx33, 5mm, but other material whit other dimensions will also work. For instance 30mmx 40mm can also work due the design of clamping the profiles into place with a wedge construction. See the black ABS wedge on the picture. The brackets that hold the Z motors and rods fit on something that is 33,5mm.

The aluminum parts are screwed to the corner parts using M4x10mm bolts that go into little brackets that hold the nuts. These brackets (alu prof under m4 nut bracket.stl & alu prof under m4 nut bracket2.stl) fit into the slots of the aluminum parts.

The parts that connect the aluminum lengths of the frame are printed with 6 wall counts and 6 bottom and top layers. The Infill must be at least 35%. Otherwise it is not strong enough. One corner did break, but I was able to glue it. The material I used is PET-G

There are 2 different X cars: one is bigger and is made for 4 (LM10UU) linear bearings. The other is made for 2 (LM10LUU) linear bearings and is a bit shorter. In the pictures I have the lager one because this one came of the old Big DIY 3D printer2 and I didn’t want to print it again.

The diagonal aluminum profiles I used are actually too short. So do not follow this example. Of course it would be better to have these a bit longer so they will reach corner to corner. This will give the printer frame more stability. A cross would be even better. But for now these short ones work for me. This printer has run for more than 100 hours now. For example: the red Vase alone took one day :-). Later I also connected the frame with dampeners to the wall to take out even more vibrations.

The Heat Bed is just a glass plate (300x300mm) with a Kapton tape sticker that holds copper lanes as a heater. The glass plate is hold onto aluminum strips whit clips. The aluminum strips are mounted with bolts and springs onto other aluminum corner profiles. This Heat Bed has a dedicated 360W power supply. So I let this one be regulated by its own external FET. I have included a simple schematic with the pictures also. Yes I like to use an Opto-Coupler always, but it is not necessary.

Then I like to address the issue of having 2 motors on the Y and Z axis. The Ramps 1.4 board I used does not support more than one driver per axis. You may get away with wiring the motors in parallel on each driver, but I didn’t test that. Instead I just wires 2 drivers parallel per axis. I included a simple schematic on how to do this. It’s important to set the motor current the same on each parallel wired driver.

The spindles on the axis are M8. The standard spindles (included with nut) you can buy everywhere. I just used M8 treated rod and a M8 nut. To install the M8 nut the “m8 nut converter part.stl” can be used.

The extruder I used is a geared one, but a direct drive can also be used. For more info about the extruders see: https://pinshape.com/items/42621-3d-printed-geared-extruder  or the direct drive one: https://pinshape.com/items/41864-3d-printed-direct-drive-extruder . I did include the STL’s for both.

The controller is a Ramps 1.4 hacked with DRV8825(X & Y axis) & A4988 (extruder & Z axis) drivers and an Arduino Mega. I have included the marlin firmware that I used. But beware, the steps/mm are for this printer, so they may be different for yours. It will work only if you have:

·         Geared extruder 43 teeth to 10 teeth with an M8 extruder driver and 16 micro steps

·         Z axis using treated M8 (metric) rod and 16 micro steps

·         X & Y axis using a pulley with an diameter of 12mm and 32 micro steps

For information about configuring Marlin you can consult: http://marlinfw.org/docs/confi...

In the photos you can see the Power Supply’s and my DIY mains net filter mounted on an aluminum strip. If you do this be sure to isolate the Net filter and Power Supply’s from the rest of the frame and the metal case where the controller is housed. Otherwise the Atmel chip will do some very strange things due to EMF frequencies that are being dumped to the ground. Also it is very important to connect the net filter and power supplies to earth. Otherwise the EMF frequencies cannot escape and the Atmel chip will be influents in time, making long prints impossible. For the schematic please see the picture. Note that the capacitors need to be of an X2 and Y2 class so that if they die they are guaranteed not to short. C1 & C2 need to be of class X2. C3 & C4 need to be of class Y2. Also this filter needs to be in a metal case (see picture)

The Red fan ducts on the side of the nozzle are not my own design (RoPa here on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1264477 ).

The Case for the Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller is a design by Wersy ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:87250 )

for the parts list please see :https://www.thingiverse.com/th...   or https://www.myminifactory.com/... I have reached the maximum in this text field :-)

If you have any questions feel free to ask :-)

If you think I forgot something or I made a mistake (it’s possible I’m only human :-)  ),feel free to comment

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smart full grap display Spacer_FGD.stl
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smart full grap display mount_18_mm.stl
50.6 KB
Z axis spindle nut bracket1.stl
330 KB
Z axis rod bracket.stl
198 KB
Y car motor side.stl
492 KB
timing belt mounting part1A.stl
178 KB
smart full grap display controller_knob_2.stl
190 KB
smart full grap display case holder2B.stl
363 KB
smart full grap display case holder2A.stl
745 KB
smart full grap display Bottom_Case_FGD-_pockets.stl
278 KB
rod bracket other 2 sides.stl
138 KB
m8 nut converter part.stl
798 KB
hotend bracket withTeflon tube Clip holder part 1.stl
198 KB
Geared Extrude updated_for_spring_knob.stl
188 KB
Geared Extrude updated_for_spring_filament_pressure_bar_part1.stl
125 KB
Geared Extrude universal_bracket_8mm_4mm_bore.stl
141 KB
Geared Extrude little_gear.stl
831 KB
Geared Extrude geared_extruder_teflon_clip_holder_part1.stl
87.2 KB
Geared Extrude filament_pressure_bar_partB.stl
78.2 KB
filament spindle bracket3.stl
109 KB
filament spindle bracket2.stl
73.6 KB
filament holder part2 90mmspacer.stl
237 KB
Direct Drive Extruder_Teflon_tube_holder_holder_part2.stl
71 KB
corner wedge.stl
38.1 KB
corner bottom.stl
478 KB
Bed under bracket .stl
296 KB
alu prof under m4 nut bracket.stl
14.7 KB
Z motor bracket.stl
205 KB
Z axis spindle nut bracket2.stl
330 KB
Y car tensioner side.stl
470 KB
X car.stl
3.61 MB
X axis belt tensioner.stl
44.2 KB
smart full grap display Kill_Button_FGD.stl
63.4 KB
smart full grap display case KNOB.stl
436 KB
Geared Extrude universal_bracket_4mm.stl
123 KB
Geared Extrude main_body.stl
464 KB
Geared Extrude filament_pressure_bar_partA.stl
111 KB
Geared Extrude filament_guide.stl
49.4 KB
filament holder rotating part.stl
2.54 MB
filament holder part3.stl
458 KB
filament holder part2 68mmspacer.stl
164 KB
fan duct mirror.stl
1.11 MB
Direct Drive Extruder_wartel_holder.stl
119 KB
Direct Drive Extruder_Teflon_tube_holder_holder.stl
91.3 KB
Direct Drive Extruder_lever.stl
159 KB
alu prof under m4 nut bracket2.stl
20.7 KB
Bed bracket 1.stl
330 KB
Bed bracket 2.stl
330 KB
corner back left.stl
686 KB
corner back right.stl
686 KB
corner front left.stl
1.08 MB
corner front right.stl
1.08 MB
Direct Drive Extruder_main_body.stl
268 KB
end stop.stl
342 KB
end switch bracket.stl
509 KB
fan duct.stl
1.11 MB
filament holder part1.stl
346 KB
filament holder part2 76mmspacer.stl
184 KB
filament holder part4.stl
31.1 KB
filament spindle bracket1.stl
80.6 KB
Geared Extrude big_gear_with_patern.stl
4.14 MB
Geared Extrude filament_pressure_bar_holder.stl
168 KB
Geared Extrude geared_extruder_teflon_clip_holder_part2.stl
79 KB
Geared Extrude gland_nut_bracket.stl
143 KB
Geared Extrude tension_knob.stl
190 KB
Geared Extrude universal_bracket_8mm.stl
153 KB
Geared Extrude updated_for_spring_filament_pressure_bar_part2.stl
93.3 KB
Geared Extrude updated_for_spring_filament_pressure_holder.stl
193 KB
Geared Extruder big_gear.stl
432 KB
geared extruder teflon clip holder part1.stl
87.2 KB
geared extruder teflon clip holder part2.stl
79 KB
hotend bracket with tube holder.stl
756 KB
hotend bracket withTeflon tube Clip holder part 2.stl
62.8 KB
hotend bracket.stl
536 KB
motor koppeling.stl
1.1 MB
rod bracket motor side.stl
150 KB
rod bracket tensioner side.stl
138 KB
smart full grap display Bottom_Case_FGD.stl
84.8 KB
smart full grap display case holder1A.stl
745 KB
smart full grap display case holder1B.stl
701 KB
smart full grap display case holder3.stl
704 KB
smart full grap display Case_Clamp.stl
30.7 KB
smart full grap display Top_Case_FGD.stl
80.7 KB
timbing belt clip.stl
209 KB
timing belt mounting part1B.stl
48.5 KB
wall mount bracket.stl
240 KB
X car shorter.stl
726 KB
Y timingbelt tensioner.stl
234 KB
Z end switch bracket 1.stl
53.4 KB
Z end switch bracket 2.stl
44 KB


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