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I wanted a side project to iron out a few techniques for a larger project I am working on. Some time ago I went through a tessellation fad and I made quite a few designs but never had any idea what to do with them - until I discovered 3D printing:-). I dug up a flower design I'd made and set about turning it into a 3D model. Not only is the flower seasonal (and in theory, it's spring time in the UK),but I wanted new coasters for my study and the flower seemed a shape that would lend itself well to being contained in a circle. I have included the following files: 1) A single flower with petal detail 2) A flower coaster 3) A single flower without petal detail (in case anyone just wants the basic shape) If you want to use the coaster on any surface considered delicate, then I recommend you attach an additional base to it and test first. I also suggest you test how well your filament of choice can handle heat if you want to put hot cup of tea or coffee on it. The single flowers if printed out in sufficient quantity and variation of colours, can make pretty toys/trinkets. I've stuck little magnets on the back of some of mine and use them to secure paper to a notice board I have in my study. See here for awesome tessellation software: http://www.peda.com/tess/

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