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Here is my Halloween effort. I'm not very good at making Pumpkin pie, but I can make Pumpkin monsters. I've even made up a silly story to go along with it: "A Pumpkin Gree is a small mischievous sprite known to visit the human world at Halloween. Aware that they very much resemble decorations so favoured at that time of year, a Pumpkin Gree will happily make its temporary home in a well-tended garden, unnoticed amongst the seasonal paraphernalia. Unfortunately, any Trick or Treaters who visit a home with a resident Pumpkin Gree will quickly find the joke is on them, as these creatures have great appetite for all sweet things and very little conscience about how they obtain them. Children who complain that their treats have been stolen by a small growling pumpkin will be labelled by their parents as UNTRUTHFUL and GREEDY. The Pumpkin Gree finds this very funny indeed. Of course, should a child "accidently" drop some candy nearby; the Pumpkin Gree will let them pass. They may be little monsters but they do like intelligent children." The Pumpkin Gree was sculpted in Blender.

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