Aria The Dragon (for dual extrusion)

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Two great things this weekend! We installed the fantastic E3D Cyclops Dual extrusion system: with impressive results AND the new season of Game of Thrones is about to start. What better way to celebrate than to release a resculpted Aria The Dragon made specially for this? The dual extrusion compatible files are: loubie_aria_resculpt_base_and_eyes_v1.1.stl loubie_aria_resculpt_dragon_body.stl Choose one colour for the base and eyes and another for the body. The base has a cavity to allow room for an LED should you wish to make a lamp. For those who don't have a printer capable of dual extrusion or just want to print her in one part, then please use: loubie_aria_resculpt_combined_v1.1.stl This Aria was sculpted in Blender and was based on my original Aria model. She is 13cm tall. She prints without supports. NOTICE: The model is published under a non-commercial, non-derivatives licence. If you want to use her commercially, then please contact me beforehand and we can work something out.

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