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I've started sculpting base meshes which are fairly generic and can be used a a framework for future models. This shouldn't result in my work looking "samey" (well, I hope not) but it will save some time. For this entry, I shall focus on human faces' which unless very deformed (or have non-human elements added), follow a basic rule of proportion. I decided to start with a female head, neck and partial shoulders (what is also known as a bust) as there is a very complicated model I want to make in the future and I'd like to get practised with as many components as I can in advance. The theme I chose for this model is the Flapper. Here is a poem I found which describes the idea fairly well: The New Fashioned Girl Let them sing of the girls of the long, long ago, Who were shocked if their elbows or stockings did show, But I'll chant of the maidens whose ankles are free, To show their half-socks and the shape of their knees, Let them praise those back numbers who turned in their toes And panted and fainted when MEN would propose; Compared to the short-haired, bob-headed fry Who meet all proposals with right to the eye. Let them shed all their tears in a crocodile pour For the simple simp sister who flourished in yore But I'll cast my vote in the way that I feel - For the girl self reliant, bright, snappy and REAL --Unknown You can read about this in my blog:" This model when fully assembled is 14cm tall. She prints support free. She was sculpted in Blender.

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