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For the nerds.. .

I have seen this text on the web, and instantly fell in love with it. I have printed this model in multi-color, with a single extruder.

I hope you guys enjoy the model!

Filament: Ultimaker & Octofiber PLA white & black 

I have printed this model with Ultimaker white PLA and Octofiber black PLA. I used 0.2mm layer height and, 18% infill. I used a 0.4mm nozzle with my extruder at 210 degrees Celcius. I used a heated bed. To avoid the curling up at the bottom i used a brim. My brim was 7mm cause the model is 1901904mm this way it fits on my buildplate. I paused the print at the point when the text began, changed filament, and resumed the print.

Design steps

I have chosen an image from google ('In this house' text) and made it a 3D object.

If you would like to know how i design a 2D picture (google) into a 3D model. Use this link: (video is under 6 min.)

In meshmixer i have combined the 3D object with an in fusion 360 created ground. My last step was to fix the STL file with netfabb.

» the Netfabb Online Service is an easy-to-use solution for anyone with access to an internet connection and a web browser to repair 3D model files. «



Design Files

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geek text v2_fixed.stl
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