Warhammer Underworlds - Crystal Cluster Obstruction Terrain

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You lucky people on Pinshape get to see the improved version of this terrain piece straight off the bat!

Based on three user's submissions over at Thingiverse and a little polygon addition of my own, this was remixed in 3D Builder (a Win 10 app).

Source files not created by me:

Darky-System - Shadespire Base

daandruff - Crystal Cluster

Valandar - BaseRocky from the Simple Bases pack

The print in the image was created in Cura 3.6 slicing at the Draft-0.2 setting, so a finer resolution should yield a better looking result The printer used is an Ender 3 with a standard 0.4mm nozzle and a 4mm piece of glass for the bed surface. The PLA used is 1.75mm Mamorubot Deep Gray (Pantone 431 U) which I sourced from Xtron here in Australia

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