Container for cotton buds & pads v2


Remixed zibisoft's container for cotton buds and pads. With a voronoi twist. Credit goes out to zibisoft, who designed the container in the 1st place.


Wattenboxje impr. vers. 1 has thin voronoi walls and, Wattenboxje impr. vers. 2 has thick voronoi walls

Also has the voronoi pattern of these models double edges. That give the print in my opinion a better look.

The print in the picture is wattenboxje impr. vers. 2!

This object was printed with a 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.15 mm layerheight and 18% infill. Don't use support cause of the voronoi diagram. I used a brim just because i wanted to. But you can do without, no worries :)


Design Files

File Size

wattenboxje impr. vers. 1.stl
83.3 MB
wattenboxje impr. vers. 2.stl
66.4 MB


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