FeatherShell - a fractal curiosity


This is a 3D fractal sculpture with a distinctly organic look and feel. In your mind's eye it could be an exotic shell from unexplored seas, a mysterious magical talisman...or maybe it's just an interesting chunk of eye-candy. :) Feathery shapes fanning out along the top and bottom edges, swirling into graceful forms closer to the center.

Update - When I first uploaded this shape, I included the wrong 'Full' version of the object. Got it mixed up with a very similar shape. The files should be correct now. 

This is a solid model and should re-size well. I've printed this file in PLA at 54mm up to about 160mm across.

The full version will need supports - lots of em. :) Not and easy print. I had good luck using Cura's Tree supports. I've slightly flattened and adjusted parts of the full version to help it stick to the print bed. The first 20 or so layers can be difficult with many small areas slowly merging toghether. May need to slow the print way down to avoid tipping. The split version is much easier to print, but still has some overhang that will need support.

Created using Mandelbulb 3D - and app for exploring 3D fractal shapes and spaces. It includes some tools for grabbing 3D mesh objects (or point clouds). Zbrush was used to clean and prepare the shape.

Design Files

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