JagNut - 3D Fractal Artifact

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Summary A 3D fractal object pulled from the Mandelverse and prepped for printing. Originally used in my video game called Crashed Lander as a landscaping item. Might be a rock, might be an alien fungus. :)

I painted mine with a coat of Rustoleum 2X primer, than a coast of dark purple acrylic. Dark acrylic wash. The some dry brush colors to bring out the details on the surface. the paint is applied lightly because the details are very delicate. The print layer lines kind of add to the organic feel.

 Notes: I had luck printing this in a more vertical position. When I layedit down flat the supports destroyed too much of the existing texture. I sliced it in Cure 3.2, with .2mm layers, supports at about 70 degree. If you angle it just right you can pretty go with supports only attached to the base. I printed a smaller one with no infill, but I went with a 15% infill on the larger one to add additional support to the upper layers.

How I Designed This Created using Mandelbulb 3D, Meshlab, and ZBrush

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