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For the past month, I've been pretty hooked on Hollow Knight (yeah, late to the party), an amazing 2D Metroidvania by Team Cherry, and after 15 mins looking at out little silent hero I said to myself, I'm in love. I didn't saw it coming, but the charming design of the little knight got to me, so then I decided that wanted to make a 3D print so I could put it in my desk.

Luckily, the overall design of the character is pretty easy to make, and with a few references for scale and shape, I got to work. I decided that I wanted to make every part separately in the intended color and assembly later, with the only post necessary been painting the black of the eyes. 

My first print had 2 little details, the neck was too short and the sword hole wasn't big enough. The hole was pretty easy to fix with a Dremel tool and the smallest possible mill bit. The neck was usable, but I end up enlarging it to hold the head better.

I sent the file for printing in a shop so I don't remember the printing time nor the settings, but I do know the sword and cape were printed on rafts, so take note on that.

In the end, the design credits go to Team Cherry, they made an amazing game with a beautiful world and art, I just made model and hold no rights over the character. 

Hope you enjoy it!

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