Valkyrie Reckon model

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Valkyrie is designed to be a higly mobile reckon makertron, able to fly thanks to leg mounted rockets and its propelers as well as glide in silence usign its wings when needed.

Sporting lightway but considerable armor and sturdy actuators in its limb and head, it is capable to defend itself Should the need raise while scouting, the desing of its arms allow flexibility when dealing with unforseen situations on the field or supprot other makertrons, even tough theye are unable to reach the finesse a technician makertron may be able to, is more than enough for field work. The arms also count with a slot on the shoulder to mount specialized equipment if needed, as well as do the leg that allow the replacement of the wings for other systems if required. The head has advanced optic system and image processing capacities, as well as senesors for searhcign necesaries resources for the reconstruction of other makertron. The model also comes with a base with pins that go into the legs, allowing the model to stand Images of different views of the robots as well as details of the different parts: Renders images

The model is designed to be relaively easy to print, havign solid pieces and slopes when possible Pieces are broken out for 3D printer, but must be oriented Here is a link to a tutorial I made for creatign internal structures for 3D printing this should help save material:  Hollow structure tutorial

Print with supports when needed and glue pieces for permanent assembly The model Was made in blender 3D using poly modeling, and displacement modifiers for the engravings and some details, there was no sculpting involved. then the model was made solid usign meshmixer and meshlab decimation tools to get the final 3D print model.

Edit: Added torso and hip pin so its easier to get all in one go isntead of searchign trough links. added link to a tutorial I made to create quick internal strcutures on meshmixer for 3d printing withouth havign to use remesh keeping the file size small

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Reckon model head.stl
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4.07 MB
Reckon model arm lft.stl
7.15 MB
Reckon model arm Rgt.stl
7.15 MB
Reckon model wingB lft.stl
7.15 MB
39.1 MB
Reckon model leg lft.stl
9.56 MB
Reckon model wingA lft.stl
4.77 MB
Reckon model wingB rgt.stl
7.15 MB
Reckon model leg rgt.stl
9.56 MB
7.89 KB
Reckon model wingA Rgt.stl
4.77 MB


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