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This is a grinding and sanding guide I made to be used with my vertical support (https://pinshape.com/items/42335-3d-printed-vertical-support-for-dremel-tool) or as a normal guide. Is based on Dremel's own A576 Sanding/Grinding Guide but I adapt it to my own needs, It is a little bit bigger and allows to manipulate pieces more easily.

I still think Dremel's guide is superior because it has a height adapter, so if you had that one you probably don't need this one. The only special thing about this one is that is compatible with the Detailer's Grip Attachment 577 which I used as a base design for the vertical support.

About my print, I made it in two part because I wasn't sure if the thread was going to work the first time (spoilers: It barely did). I ended redesigning it to be less tight and more ease to print. The upper part has more supports that it probably going to ever need but I was looking for a thought print, It should be alright printing in any material. I pushed a bit with the 45º guide part, mine ended with a bit deformation, so set your print with that in mind.

I'm probably going to design other threaded Dremel attachments I see I may need in the future, so some feedback on how the thread works for you guys would be fantastic

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