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Unfortunately, I can't get the pictures in the chronological order.... Knowing this I numbered the pictures that show the assembly of this model in advance. In the left upper corner the number is shown in white. If somebody knows how to order the pictures in the correct order, please let me know


This is a bird feeder for small birds. Bigger birds simply can not get in :-) .You can put food for them in the green feeder-dish in the middle. The feeder has a hole in the middle to let water out. Also the feeder can be removed for cleaning. In use, that will be necessary :-)

The peaces fit together like a puzzle and they are glued. Later I painted it with insulating primer to get rid of the “printer tool marks” you can see on the pictures.

I have no reason for the colors of PLA I have chosen other than that I had those. The 2 different colors are due the fact I used 2 printers to save time. I printed this in 0,2mm resolution with a 0,4mm nozzle. The temporary support peaces are printed with only one wall count and one top and bottom layer. Infill of these support peaces are 10%. This is to save material :-). The other peaces are printed with 3 layers for the wall , top and bottom . Infill between 20-25%. The roof peaces are printed with support generated by Cura.

The mount or ring at the top is fastened with a M3x40mm bolt and nut. At first I designed this “mount” in 3 peaces, but later changed it to 2 peaces, due to other changes I made. To make this part strong enough I used PET-G Carbon to print this peace. This material looks very nice, but it turns a brass nozzle into garbage after a few prints :-). For this a hardened steel nozzle is better, but

such a nozzle is expensive ( €30,- where I live)

If you have questions or do you think I have forgotten something , feel free to ask :-)

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roof support part5.stl
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