1/10 Scale rolling motor stand


Summary This stand is designed and made for the 1/12 scale motor by Dblnaknak and Novel Creations. Its printed in PLA at 30% infill. It assembled using 2mm and 3mm screws. The bearings I used was 10x3x4mm for the front wheels, 8x3x3mm for the spindle, 5x2x2.5mm for the front caster mounts, ans 6x3x2.5mm for the rear wheels. The front wheels are the 10x3x4mm bearings. I had those bearings lying around so that is what was used. You can source them via the internet or If you dont have those bearings you must edit the files yourself via tinkercad or any other cad program. The motor mount is just a rough template estimate of the hole locations due to the variance between printers. PLA is not strong enough to hold the motor. You will need to make an aluminum mount after you finalize your hole locations on the template PLA motor mount and transfer the template to the aluminum. I used 10mm spacers between the motor and the mount. I used 3mm bolts to mount the mount to the motor. I used 2mm bolts to mount the spindle flange spacer to the mount. 3mm steel rod was used from the spindle flange spacer. 3mm steel rod is 43mm long and must be hammered into the spindle flange spacer.

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