The Simpsons house


The Simpsons house! 3D print house model of the most popular family on television! Model faithful to the original design. Articulated doors (front, back and garage) and removable roof

The project has small parts, before you start printing make sure your 3D printer is well calibrated, especially in relation to extrusion factor.

Individual pieces: 32

Mounted real size:

Length - 140,2 mm

Width - 197,5

Height - 94,00

Use PLA for all parts.

The project does not require supports via software.

Windows and door frames have supports incorporated in STL, and can be identified by a tab added to the support to facilitate removal.

Minimum bed size 20x20x10, and maximum nozzle diameter is 0.4mm

Printing the windows.

0.18 layer height

Speed between 20 and 40 mm/s

Printing the bay windows

Keep this piece rotated 45 ° on the table

0.18 layer hight

Speed between 20 and 40 mm / s

Printing doors

0.18 layer hight

Speed between 20 and 40 mm / s

Printing hinges

0.18 layer hight - 2x

Speed between 20 and 40 mm / s

Printing the roof

0.2 layer hight (or less if you prefer)

Speed between 40 and 60 mm / s

Printing walls

Between 0.2 and 0.3 layer hight

Speed between 40 and 60 mm / s

Attention! You can print all windows together, but will get better results if you print each one individually.

Print necessarily all small parts with a layer height of 0.18 mm (no more or less) to ensure the removal of the supports easily

Design Files

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