Tripod Mobile Phone Clamp V2

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A clamp to mount your mobile phone on a tripod

This update is based on (Gavitka's remix of the updated original Modular Mounting System.

This is a remix of the clamp of the Modular Mounting System . I really like the clamp but I wanted to be able to mount it on a tripod. So I add a base that can be screwed on tripod plate (with 1/4-20 screw) or mount on arca swiss type clamp. I separate threads so they can be printed with optimal orientation without support. This way the threads are very well printed and they are strong.

Post-Printing Use some acetone if you print with PLA or ABS  (or some super glue, depending the filament material) before inserting the thread part into the main part.

Acknowledgements Thanks yyh1002 for sharing his work

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