Bar-End Plugs

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Quality plugs with effective grip. You will never lose your plugs again and will protect your bar in case of a crash. With this specific design the plug is very strong and if you over-tighten it, you will not destroy the plug but only the wedge (in contrast with the usual wedge design). There are two sizes: one with large (32mm)outer diameter if you are using lock-on grips (the cap will also protect the rings) and  one with small (28mm) outer diameter for simple grips. There is a version with my name embossed and one without, in each diameter.

Except for the printed parts you will need a pair of M5 bolts (25mm). You don't need nuts because the wedge has built-in threads. Before you insert the plug into the bars, tighten the wedge a bit, so the plug fits snugly in the bar. That way the wedge will not rotate.Then tighten the bolt (do not use excessive force).

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