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This is a replacement frame for Rayban Aviator lenses (in case your original frame has been damaged). Filament (1.75mm) is used as  pin for the hinge. You can use hot water or a heat gun (with caution) if you cannot insert the lenses. The same way you can modify the curve of the temples if you are not satisfied with the fitting.

For the best printing result it is advised to use PVA for support material. Otherwise, it is important to use the suggested settings below.

Cura Settings (for the frame) Layer Hight : 0.1mm ( or 0.06mm) Support : Yes Support Density : 20% Support Z Distance : 0.2mm Support Horizontal Expansion : 0.5mm Enable Support Interface : Yes Support Interface Thickness : 0.4mm Support Interface Density : 100% Brim : 1mm (for the frame, if you have adhesion problems)

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