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I made this tool stand because I needed a local place at my printers to store the tools I use the most on them. 

Therefor Tool stand man has 4 mounting options (base plates) with the idea that you can place him anywhere. :-)

In the print screen you can see these 4 baseplates. 1 the orange one is the smallest one and I used that on in the pictures. You can mount Tool stand man with on screw. 2 the yellow one is the same as the orange one, but without the screw hole. With this base plate you can place Tool stand man lose on a table or something. 3 the green one is the same as the yellow one, but bigger for more stability. 4 the last one is a clamp option. But I didn’t test this model, because I didn’t need it. For assembly see print screen.

You need 2 threated rod M4 length 84mm and 4 nuts to put Tool stand man together. The “straws” are pieces you can put in his mouth for storing little things, but is not necessary.

Printed in gray, blue and yellow ABS, resolution 0.2mm

Design Files

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base 4C clamp.stl
546 KB
base 3 plane big.stl
4.21 MB
base 4B clamp.stl
200 KB
base 4D clamp.stl
713 KB
22.9 MB
leg R.stl
6.37 MB
straw R.stl
1.21 MB
arm L.stl
9.78 MB
base 1 screw.stl
4.46 MB
base 4A clamp.stl
4.52 MB
base 2 plane.stl
4.21 MB
5.55 MB
leg L.stl
6.33 MB
straw L.stl
1.18 MB
arm R.stl
9.44 MB


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