A cartoon avatar of a digital artist grasping his weapons of choice in the battle to make great art! Approx 80mm tall, best printed using an SLA resin printer, at a layer height of 100 microns or smaller. Supports should stem from the rear of the cape and soles of the feet to be easily sanded down afterwards. The model is a single piece and stands up without need for a base.

This was modelled as my entry to the Avatar Design Contest. I wanted to convey my own appearance and personality as an aspiring digital artist, but also wanted to make it an exaggerated representation, using the idea of a virtual digital fantasy world to visually represent qualities I don't necessarily display outwardly in real life. In a digital virtual world I'd portray myself as a warrior, because the struggle to create good art can often feel like an epic battle with your work! I wanted to contrast the cutesy art style with a dynamic action pose, so I looked at Spartan warriors for reference, and decided I'd have my avatar grasping a paintbrush and palette as if wielding a spear and shield. 

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SpARTan Marcus by Marcus Johnson.stl
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