Anet A6 display housings

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Because I removed the displays of the Anet printers to get free space for the X wagon at the top of the X axis……. I made new housings for them. I came up with 4, but I printed only 3 in the end.

The simple on is just a bracket for fast mounting. The mounting plate with inside nuts, I just use as a handheld one. The other two are meant to screw on walls etc.. I think the pictures say enough.

Printed in ABS & PET-G resolution 0.2mm

Design Files

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display housing 4 screw mount robustlook.stl
4.13 MB
display housing 4 screw mount simple.stl
3.14 MB
display mounting plate simplest.stl
857 KB
display mounting plate with inside nutholder.stl
1.07 MB


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