Vertex V-HV-4 & HBM BF 25 Vario to Nema 23 bracket

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Vertex V-HV-4 & HBM BF 25 Vario to Nema 23 bracket

I had some stepper motors and drivers left over to play with, so I made brackets to mount them on a small milling machine I have. Uncertain the ABS plastic is strong enough I still wanted to try it. And indeed the bracket for the Z motor did break a little bit between the layers during mounting. Unfortunately, it was easily fixed with acetone. It's possible that this wouldn't happened if I printed these brackets in a finer resolution. In this case I printed the brackets in 0.3mm resolution because I used 3mm filament and I wanted to save time. The infill used is 60% because I feared the plastic would not be strong enough otherwise.

The first test was milling a bicycle form out of MDF. The only issue during this test was to much play in the motor to shaft connection. I fixed this by putting some nylon blue tape in the motor to shaft coupler. I did this on the Y and Z axis. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of this milling test :-( (but you can see it standing on the background in one of the pictures :-)

After that I tried to mill some plywood. This time I made and Hex-Key holder that exists out of two parts. I wanted to test the accuracy of the machine with these plastic brackets. It was good enough to make the two parts fit super tight. I just hammed them together and the connection is hold by friction alone. But as you can see on the photo, I needed to clean up a lot after it cam out of the milling machine.

And to be fair, these tools are meant for metal, so I decided to test Aluminum. This time with a 4###sup/sup### axis. In this test I milled a gear. You can see it on one of the pictures. In this case I made a gear with 36 teeth, because that easy to make Gcode :-). of course I first had to make its basic shape on the lade first. And yes I could have done that also on the milling machine, but the lade was faster :-).

And yes I know that my setup is not very professional (see pictures) with the end switches. Thats because it is a experiment after all. I may change it in the future, I may remove them..... but that is not advised form beginners. Also I know the display doesn't show the RPM of the mill. Still need to fix that some time :-)

So I can say that these plastic ABS brackets hold very well en the machine moves within 0.01 mm for now. The machine has run for around 40 hours now and all is still solid.

The milling machine is a HBM BF25 Vario

The rotary table is a Vertex V-HV-4

The motors are Nema 23

the bolts I used are:

8X M3x10 and nuts

8X M6x 60mm and nuts and washers

the screws for mounting the bracket to the Vertex rotary table are included with this table already

If you have any questions feel free to ask

Do you think I forgot something or made a mistake? Feel free to comment

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A motor shaft bracket.stl
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X & Y & Z spindle bracket.stl
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X & Y End stop bracket.stl
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X & Y motor shaft bracket.stl
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