Anet A8 Y Axis Belt Holder Fiberglass Belts, Clamping

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Summary I designed this because others i have tried didn't hold my aftermarket belts very well, The aftermarket fiberglass belts are slightly thinner allowing them to slip out of other designs. This design clamps down on the belt when the screws are tightened, giving it the benefit of a 2 piece design and the simplicity of a one piece design. This design has very close tolerances be aware that factory belts with the steel bands likely will not fit in this version if anybody has any ideas for other items that you would like designed for the Anet A8 let me know and i would be happy to work with you to design them and make them functional mods for everybody to use I enjoy making my own things so everybody has the option of what they prefer to use, i try my best to include those who have made similar items before me, if you feel that i should include you on the remix list leave me a comment and let me know, i would be happy to!

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