Pumpkin Monster

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This design was a fun challenge to test print limitations. I have owned a printer for 3 months (Original Prusa i3 MK2) and I'm slowly figuring out how to design for 3D print.  It was printed with a .2 mm layer height due to time limitations and 10% infill, using PLA. The model is split in 4 parts, base, main body, head and cap. I have designed it to house a light in the head with a hollow leading down the body and out under the base for cables and a cavity in the base to house a battery. I will re print the head and cap with a .15 layer height for better details. The body was designed to print entirely without support and the rest is quite straight forward. I used Prusa settings to start with and adjusted from there.  I think most of you know more about print setting than I do. Hope you like it!

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