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Summary This base was made to hold up this cool concept bike you can find it here This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online Print Settings Printer Brand: Robo 3D Printer: R1 ABS + PLA Model Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 100% Notes: it might be ok with less fill but it does need to hold up a good size bike so would be best to 100% it.The pin that inserts into the bike frame i made snug it will fit in but wont go all the way in so sand either the pin or frame i did the frame with a rolled up piece of sandpaper didn't take to long. I did size it smaller but then was a little loose and the bike wont stay level and sits on back tire.So go download and print the bike then print this and please post a picture and how you did the print. Thanks and HAPPY PRINTING!!!

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