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Friend asked if i could make him a case for a Bic lighter and 2 smokes new policy at work no tobacco in shop so i whipped this up for him and thought maybe someone else will find it useful. Cura Settings  layer height 0.3, Infill 30%, Shell thickness  0.8, Bottom /Top thickness 0.8 print speed 50 mm/s will need 2 screws unsure the size if your like me search thru the junk bin /drawer for 2 that work mark and drill holes for screw not to big test fit the cigarette cover mine needed a little tweaking  then take out screw  place a small amount of super glue into the screw hole being careful not to leave glue on flat surface and reinstall the screws if you get as lucky as i did this will produce a working cover and a nice way to carry 2 smokes and a lighter. HAPPY PRINTING!!!

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