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MOTORCYCLE STICKMAN FIDGET SPINNER:  The ultimate in fidget spinning fun for all ages!

Utilizing a revolutionary fidget spinner design, MOTORCYCLE STICKMAN FIDGET SPINNER maintains balance using advanced physics technology invented by Sir Isaac Newton himself.  The center of mass is precisely calculated so that not only does MOTORCYCLE STICKMAN FIDGET SPINNER spin freely without wobbling he is also ever so slightly weighted to the rear so that he self-rights (if using a sufficiently free-spinning bearing).  Making all those cool stunts and tricks that much easier!

MOTORCYCLE STICKMAN FIDGET SPINNER also includes a customizable threaded bearing cap with interchangeable cap toppers!  Not only can you easily swap, mix, and match the cap designs of your choosing they can be easily removed for cleaning your dirty, dirty bearings!

This object was made in Tinkercad and you can totally mess with it and make your own version!  The bearing caps and example cap toppers are there too!

Tip: The bearing caps utilize octagonal 6mm long, 3mm wide pins to attach the cap toppers.  If you want to make your own cap topper just make two round holes (Note: The holes should not be octagonal) on the underside of your model that are precisely 3mm wide and 3mm tall spaced 2mm apart.  So that's two 3mm x 3mm cylinders with 2mm between them.  If in doubt check the Tinkercad URL above ("ungroup" one of the caps and take a look at the holes on the underside).

COMMERCIAL LICENSING: By selling prints of MOTORCYCLE STICKMAN FIDGET SPINNER you agree to send me US $0.25 per print sold.  3D printer and filament manufacturers/distributors:  Feel free to give away prints at trade shows, maker events, etc or use them to promote your products! No charge for that.  This fee does not apply if you order prints through websites where I have uploaded MOTORCYCLE STICKMAN FIDGET SPINNER (e.g. Pinshape).


The bearing caps need to be printed at 0.1mm layer height (for the threads).  For everything else you can go with the layer height of your choosing!

I printed the 6x3mm connector pins upright but they should still work fine if you print them rotated 90 degrees (on their side) if your printer doesn't like to print such small octagons.

For two-color prints of the bearing cap toppers just set the color change height to 3.6mm.  That will give you two top layers in a different color if printing at 0.2mm layer height.

If your bearing cap toppers won't stay on just use a drop of CA glue/Superglue.  It'll mean you can't hot-swap them but the threaded bearing caps don't use much filament so just print more =)

Design Files

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Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Cap Topper Love Tinker.stl
299 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Cap Topper Skull.stl
704 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Helmet.stl
218 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Cap Male.stl
240 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Wheel.stl
663 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Body.stl
559 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Cap Pin.stl
9.34 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Cap Female.stl
285 KB
Motorcycle Fidget Spinner Cap Topper.stl
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