Double-Sided Hangable G-Clamp

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Summary This is a remix of johann517's excellent G-Clamp ( I've made the clamp double-sided and added a ring that can be used to hang it (e.g. suspend from a ceiling). It's useful for all sorts of things! You can extend-a-shelf from basically anywhere it can clamp on to. You can also use it to hang things up in your kitchen, garage, etc by clamping it where you want and then clamping the thing to the other side of the clamp. It can also be used to chain things together! If you use the ring to hang something from a ceiling, for example, you could then chain those things together by clamping each side of the thing you're hanging one to the next, to the next, so on and so forth. Example usage:

Hang boards from the ceiling to make a really, really long shelf. Chain-hang LED light bars. Use it in the kitchen to attach a cookbook or tablet to your cabinets for easy viewing. Hang parts up to dry. Use it as a regular G-clamp (which is actually just a C clamp =). Attach signage... Wherever!

Print Settings Printer: Original Prusa i3 MK2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2mm Infill: 50% Notes: For a super strong clamp go with 50% infill or greater. I also recommend printing in PETG since it can survive a hot car in the sun and it bends before it breaks.

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