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Summary This is a remixed version of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1114319 to make it easier to print. The original model ends up with the slicer drawing a zillion little hexagons on the print bed which requires a zillion extrusion/retractions/wipes over short distances. This can result in the extruder skipping/griding the filament (that's what happened to me anyway--it's like a printer torture test). Even if I disabled retraction it still didn't turn out well. This version gets rid of the original hexagon-patterned shelf and replaces it with a simple solid/flat shelf. "But the pictures show a hexagon shelf!" That's right! It's just that instead of relying on the model to draw a hexagon pattern I used the slicer's "Honeycomb" infill option. See the print settings below to see how I made it look exactly like the original despite being a "flat, solid block"! Also: Letting the slicer draw the hexagon pattern as infill results in vastly reduced print time (only took an hour or so!) and about 9 zillion less retractions/wipes. Those hexagons in the picture were extruded as single (long) lines with very few retractions. Print Settings Printer: Original Prusa i3 MK2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 13% Notes: If you want the shelf to look exactly like the original set your slicer (I used Slic3r) as such: Fill density: 13% (you'll have to type it in) Fill pattern: Honeycomb Fill angle: 0° (so it lines up with the sides) 0 Top layers 0 Bottom layers My shelf was printed in Inland Black PLA (the cheap stuff) with the little arm/nut parts printed in Prusa Rapunzel Silver PLA (because my first attempts in silver all failed except for the arms/nuts =). If your slicer supports it I'm sure the shelf would work just as well with Grid, Triangles, Stars, Cubic, and "3D Honeycomb". I'd avoid Hilbert Curve, Archimedean Chords, and Octagram Spiral unless you go with solid top/bottom layers (aka "a solid shelf without holes"). How I Designed This I just used Blender I imported the model into Blender and just scaled the "default cube" to fill the space of the original hexagon shelf. Took me about 30 minutes--mostly because I'm a Blender noob and had some trouble connecting edges together properly after I deleted the regular hexagon part (had to do some searches for things like, "Blender merge vertices close together" haha). I'm sure an expert/pro with Blender would've had this little "flat shelf" conversion done in like 5 minutes (or less).

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