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The worlds first 3D printable, support-free, padlock (that I can find).

this padlock uses the same mechanism as a normal padlock and so it requires 5x small spings (such as: and 2 20mm x 4mm pen springs or

1 of each file is needed except the locking pin parts which needs 2 of each and none of the pieces need supports.

This can be used in place of a normal padlock or can be used to teach apprentice locksmiths how such a lock works.

I have a .gif of how to assemble the lock but i cant upload it because the error: (translation missing: en.errors.messages.mini_magick_processing_error, can't be blank) occurs but the two bar parts need to be glued together as well as plug, plug end and hole parts and locking pin parts and then all the parts placed into a body part according to the above pictures before the second body is glued to it.

The pins need to be put in order with pin A closest to the top however I may make other keys in the future for other orders of the pins.

Some parts may need to be sanded or lubricated to create suitable tolerances.

Design Files

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bar part1.stl
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bar part2.stl
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body 1.stl
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body 2.stl
98 KB
72.4 KB
10.4 KB
locking pin part 1.stl
28.1 KB
locking pin part 2.stl
29.2 KB
pin A.stl
24.9 KB
pin B.stl
24.9 KB
pin C.stl
24.9 KB
pin D.stl
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pin E.stl
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plug end.stl
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