SummaryLET'S TRAP THAT MOUSE! I DESIGNED THIS MODEL SO IT CAN BE BUILT ON ANY 3D PRINTER. NO OVERHANGS, JUST PRINT ALL 3 PARTS AND GO! I DO NOT HAVE A 3D PRINTER SO IF YOU ( YES YOU) CAN PRINT THIS ITEM, I WILL SPLIT THE WINNINGS WITH YOU! HOW AMAZING IS THAT, RAPID PROTOTYPING AT IT FINEST! LETS GET THAT MOUSE!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU BUILD THIS. I WANT FEEDBACK TO MAKE THIS TRAP BETTER! TESTED IT IN SOLIDWORKS AND SHOULD WORK GREAT! ANY OTHER QUESTIONS JUST ASK! UPDATES: 3/24/2010 IT WORKS!!!!!! Check out my new youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E8CZd66lLI 3-9-2010: Check out the Tilt-N-Trap in action! www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfoC_vY3pdQ 3-4-2010: Thanks to erickphd and his students at Penn. College of Technology we have some modifications to this model. If you have already printed this model, do not attach the Counterweight rail to the Base And tape 2 Quarter to the right side of the Tilt-N-Trap. ErickPHD Said "Testing shows a reasonably reliable trigger at 27 grams but the average mouse is 10-25g so my class thought that it needed to be a bit more sensitive" ADD two quarters and removing the Counter weight rail should give a More sensitive Design. Check out the picture to see the modified design 03-04-2010 : First Model has been printed! Check it out @ http://picasaweb.google.com/EricAlbertPhD/MousetrapBuild?feat=directlink 03-03-2010 : 3D Has just been added to 3d Content Central. If you go to this website in internet explorer (Will not Work in firefox :-( ) you can see a 3D you can SPIN AROUND AND ZOOM IN & OUT. Check it out http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/parts/download-Part.aspx?id=187226&catalogid=171 03-02-2010 : erickphd is going to make a model on 03-03-2010. More information coming soon. Printing on Dimension uPrint machineInstructionsTOOLS: 3D PRINTER KNIFE SCREW DRIVER LOOSE CHANGE OR WEIGHTS PEANUT BUTTER GLUE (CRAZY GLUE) BUILD INSTRUCTIONS: 1- PRINT ALL 3 PARTS (ALL UNITS ARE IN mm) 2- CLEAN UP ALL OF THE ROUGH EDGES (MAKE SURE THE BASE AND DOOR ARE SMOOTH) 3- GLUE MOUSE TRAP BASE TO MOUSE TRAP TOP (CRAZY GLUE?) 4- ADD DOOR TO THE FRONT OF THE ASSEMBLY 5- USE A SCREWDRIVER TO EXPAND THE HINGE ON THE BACK OF THE DOOR (YOU MIGHT HAVE TO ADD SOME PAPER TO KEEP THE HINGE EXPANDED) 6- ADD PEANUT BUTTER TO THE BACK UPPER RIGHT OF THE TRAP 7- LAY THE TRAP DOWN WITH THE MOUSE TRAP DOOR OPEN 8- TAPE 1 TO 2 QUARTERS TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE MODEL. CHECK OUT THE PICTURE FOR PLACEMENT. THIS WEIGHT WILL VERY BECAUSE OF YOUR PRINTER SETTINGS, MATERIAL AND OTHER FACTORS. 9- TESTING: TAPE A QUARTER TO THE BACK OF YOUR MODEL. IF THE MODEL TRIGGERS YOU ARE ALL SET. IF NOT, KEEP ADDING COINS TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE MODEL TILL ITS DOES TRIGGER. 10- REMOVE TEST QUARTER FROM THE BACK OF THE MODEL. 11- PLACE THE TRAP(S) NEAR WALLS WHERE THE MICE PLAY (MICE HAVE POOR VISION SO THEY US THEIR WHISKERS AND RUN ALONG WALLS) 12- WAIT FOR DINNER... YUM YUM

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