AT4 Bazooka Conversion (Firework Artillery Shell)

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SummaryOne surplus AT4 (Bazooka) used + PVC PIPE + 3D Printer = Dangerous Fun Experimental way to convert a used Bazooka Tube into a unique Firework artillery shell launcher. 3D printer can make you some semi useful stuff like whistles or bottle openers, but lets look deeper. Personal 3D printers give you the ability to make custom high precision parts quickly. Allowing you to combine two parts into one Assembly for maximum fun! Primary Test video (A Must Watch!) Previous Life: InstructionsAcquire: 1 X 2" PVC PIPE (12"~20") 1 X 2" PVC CAP 1 X Bazooka Top V1 (Printed) 1 X Bazooka Bottom V1 (Printed 1 X Used Bazooka (~3.3" ID) 1 X JB WELD 1 X PVC Cement 1 X 200 grit sand paper 1 X Knife Instructions: 1) Print both Top and bottom Bazooka Parts. 2) Check if both parts side snugly on 2" Pipe (Sand parts till they do) 3) Glue 2" cap onto 2" Pipe (Allow to dry) 4)Slide Bazooka Bottom all the way to the bottom of the 2" Pipe (Jb weld in place) 5)Slide Bazooka top 2" From top (Jb weld in place 6)Paint tube if desired. Add Orange ring around the from to identify this is not A real Bazooka Warning: These machine was build by trained professionals with years of experience. This machine is still experimental and it is strongly advised not to build this. Fireworks are not toys and should be used based on instructions provided with them. I will not be held liable if you build this.

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