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SummarySimple and easy PCB Vice to print. Less hardware than others PCB VICES out there. Idea came from this design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8194 Problem was I did not have any Smooth rod. Problem solved. Can only be printed on Mendels right now. The parts are 175mm & 125mm long. Possible smaller version coming soon. It should be possible to design the whole unit out of plastic parts (minus the M4. bolts, washers, & wing nuts) This first model was a proof of concept & works great! ****Coupling Parts Already have a .3mm offset to accommodate for your printer. When Wing nut is tightened, Very strong grip between both parts. No wobble at all. InstructionsPrint One PCB GATOR ARM Two PCB GATOR GRIPPERS FIND: Two M4 X 20mm screws (Or longer) Two M4 Washers Two M4 Wing nuts Assembly, mount, and enjoy Below are the STL files ready to print as well as the Solidworks files

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